Northeastern is an engine of discovery—fueled by your investments.

The research enterprise at Northeastern is focused on unlocking solutions to the planet’s most urgent problems and improving people’s lives. In areas like artificial intelligence, infectious disease, and environmental resilience, breakthroughs emerge every day: treatments for chronic infections, technologies that can withstand natural catastrophes, and methods of modeling the impact of global warming on urban coastlines to name just a few.

And each time we break through a barrier to understanding, new worlds of opportunity come into view—new ways to improve lives. Researchers at Northeastern are powering ahead, making the most of this university’s culture of decisive action, global campus network, and extensive industry partnerships.

External funding for research has nearly tripled in 15 years—and the pace of discovery is rising accordingly. Now, we’re inviting those who share our passion for changing the world to accelerate this momentum and bring about a new era of urgently needed answers.


  • Seed funding for research
  • New research-centric degree programs
  • Modern education-delivery systems
  • Facilities and equipment

Opened in 2017, Northeastern’s 220,000-square-foot Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Complex is transforming the university’s research enterprise by providing state-of-the-art shared, flexible, and adaptable core facilities, fostering collaboration across disciplines, and increasing the capacity to hire top faculty and academic leaders.

“Experience unites the best minds around complex problems. It propels our cross-disciplinary collaborations. And it expands our opportunities for private-sector partnerships and funding. Our experience-driven approach—one built on close collaboration with industry, government, and academia—shapes the questions we ask and generates novel and relevant solutions to persistent problems.”

David Luzzi
Senior Vice Provost for Research