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We know what it takes to make a difference—and how it feels. We live it every day. Each insight powers us past the next hurdle. Today, a vanguard of donors is driving Northeastern’s historic $1.3 billion campaign. With initiatives that span the globe, accelerating outcomes, we’re creating a better world right now.


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Budding Scientists are Making Waves

At Northeastern’s Marine Science Center, budding researchers pursue discovery not just in the classroom, but along the coast. Thanks to the Halverstadt Family Summer Internship Program, these students are honing their scientific skills and even developing their own lines of inquiry.

Infusing the Humanities Into STEM and Business

The inaugural Ronald L. and Linda A. Rossetti Professor for the Humanities wants students majoring in science, engineering, and business to explore the liberal arts. Associate Professor of Philosophy Rory Smead leads a program dedicated to this precise kind of interdisciplinary thinking.

Expanding Opportunities in Tech

Northeastern’s Align graduate program focuses on closing the diversity gap in tech by giving students the ability to earn a master’s degree in computer science. With the help of scholarship funding from pivotal Ventures, the executive office of Melinda French Gates, it’s able to do just that.

She Elevates African Women ‘Foodpreneurs’

During her travels through Africa, Binja Basimike, BHS’12, MPH’14, realized that she could address issues of malnutrition, poverty, and gender equity by investing in women who create and sell food. With the help of a $5,000 Women Who Empower Innovator Award, she launched Kivu Venture Capital.