Student Opportunities

For the exceptional students who choose Northeastern, every means of support we provide invigorates their sense of purpose and their journey.

Northeastern is a talent magnet. This generation of students knows it’s possible to make an immediate difference in our world, and at Northeastern, they are empowered to dive in on day one.

We need tomorrow’s global citizen-leaders, creators, and innovators to find a home at Northeastern and to become active participants in the Northeastern community. That means making scholarships and financial aid a priority, and it means removing economic obstacles that stand between some students and valuable co-op, global, or other transformative experiences.

More than 75 percent of Northeastern students receive some form of financial aid. To continue offering competitive financial aid to students who will thrive at Northeastern, we are committed to raising additional scholarship funds and diversifying the forms of support we offer.


  • Named, endowed scholarships
  • Support for a strengthened scholarship endowment
  • Current-use scholarship support
  • The Torch Scholars Program
  • The Presidential Global Scholars Program
  • Support for co-op experiences

Northeastern offers 239 combined majors, up from 40 ten years ago. In 2021, 20,300 students participated in 523 student organizations.

“As the prospect of the ‘real world’ looms, the pressure to conform to the more conventional path of taking a job right after graduation is mounting. This scholarship contributes a layer of financial runway that I am building in order to continue working on my business. For that, I am incredibly grateful.”

Andrew Purdy
Marvin I. Haas Opportunity Fund Scholar