Global Exploration

All over the world, people are seeking knowledge to fuel the future of our interconnected economies, health, sustainability, and security—and the future of problem-solving.

Northeastern has made purposeful, strategic investments to create a massive, networked campus that spans the world. Today, the Northeastern community is made up of individuals who come from all over the globe, and who will continue to build professional and personal lives as global citizens. As our network grows ever larger and more representative of the world’s populations, our next challenge is to unleash our tremendous collective capacity to enact needed change.

The world’s most pressing problems are in our sights. Through use-inspired research, innovation, experiential learning, and collaborative initiatives we will advance frontiers and improve the quality of life throughout the world we share.

The beauty of a globally connected learning community is that the opportunity to serve humanity—to unlock insights, innovate, and grow—is always all around us. Through the campaign, donors can power solutions on a global scale.


  • Annual Global Leadership Summit
  • Global experiences, such as study abroad
  • Industry-aligned experiential learning via global campuses
  • Location-specific scholarships and fellowships
  • Global ConnEXions (immersive networked problem-solving seminars)
  • Tools supporting seamless mobility
  • The Africa Global Initiative

“A global co-op allows you to submerge in a culture much more than any other experience.”

Jamie Bensadon
D’Amore-McKim School of Business

Experience more

A Co-op in Tanzania Literally Energizes

Presidential Global Scholarship awardee Erin Burba, Khoury’20, flourished during her time in Tanzania. Working for Sikubora Limited on a co-op, she supported the company, which manages a range of solar-powered home systems to help Tanzanians overcome the shortage of electricity.

Access to the Whole World

Three Northeastern students who went on experiential learning journeys in different parts of the globe talk about how their international experiences changed them.

Helping to Power the Global Good

The Center for Emerging Markets enables students to conduct research, create startups, or pursue projects that address pressing problems in emerging markets. The leading research hub also disseminates best practices to managers, policy makers, and academics.

Young Global Leaders Turn to Africa

With more than 100 members hailing from nearly 50 countries, Northeastern’s Young Global Leaders support the university in myriad ways. This past year, they pledged $50,000 to start the Africa Global Initiative Fund, increasing African student enrollment and funding scholarships.