Faculty Excellence

Inspired, distinguished faculty are productive agents of change and drivers of innovation.

As a world-class university with a distinctive approach to discovery and learning, Northeastern competes fiercely to attract and retain both seasoned scholars and gifted junior faculty. This is exactly where we want to be: striving to power the work of best-in-class intellectual and practice leaders.

Faculty develop and deliver to students the definitive learning experiences that can shape the course a life will take. The caliber of our faculty is powerfully compelling both for prospective students and prospective new hires. And because this is Northeastern, faculty are encouraged to constantly reinvent and adapt their work in keeping with the opportunities they see on the horizon—or the frontiers they themselves are moving.

Philanthropic funding is the fuel that drives faculty excellence, in every discipline and at every stage of a faculty member’s career. And faculty excellence, of course, is central to Northeastern’s global reputation for rigor and significance.


  • Endowments for faculty chairs
  • Endowed professorships
  • Early career faculty support
  • Visiting professorships

“Endowed chairs are very special things. They are with us forever. And they’re very important to us at Northeastern in terms of attracting great scholars to come and be amongst us.”

David Madigan