Experience is the ethos of Northeastern. It’s how Northeastern has shaped the way people learn and work for more than 100 years. And it’s how we’re creating a better world right now.

With the help of our supporters and advocates, we are launching Experience Powered by Northeastern, a historic $1.3 billion campaign to drive initiatives that span the globe.

We know decisive action and bold investment are what tips the balance from what we wish to experience to what we will experience. Together, we will experience innovation. Impact. Community. Breakthroughs. Global Connection. Experience Powered by Northeastern.


Powered by Student Opportunities

This generation of students is changing everything. Indeed, they’ve already begun. And with each new infusion of support, they deliver.


Powered by Faculty Excellence

Our faculty are champions of real-world understanding. It’s time to amplify their power to gain and share insight when and where it matters.


Powered by Research

Every unsolved problem is an irresistible invitation. Northeastern’s action-oriented investigators are already at work, revealing sought-after solutions. Let’s deliver answers to the world.


Powered by Diverse and Inclusive Communities

When opportunity and equity are ubiquitous, all people belong and thrive together.

The future

Powered by Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs bring the biggest, most cutting-edge ideas from promise to reality—and then move them forward even further. Our next economy depends on how we invest today.


Powered by Global Exploration

When it comes to understanding, borders don’t stand in our way. Through Northeastern’s global campus network, we’re building relationships, assembling solutions, and joining forces to embrace the power of learning.